For each of the above persons please . 0 Often, information that was not available to you, that you overlooked, or that you simply did not recall at the time of your original answers can appear to your spouses attorney or the judge to be a deliberate withholding of information which can have a significant adverse impact on your case. Form A (2) - Uniform Interrogatories to be Answered by Plaintiff in Product Liability Cases (Other Than Pharmaceutical and Toxic Tort Cases) Only: Superior . If so, state as to each position (a) the name, address and telephone number of your employer; (b) is it part-time or full-time (c) the position or title held; (d) how long you have worked at the position; (e) number of days and hours worked and (f) current salary. track and within 120 days from said date in actions assigned to the standard /F1 69 0 R First Set - Auto Tort First of 3 part set of interrogatories for a standard auto tort case. Agreements, Sale 6. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Set forth in detail the reasons for which you allege that visitation should be awarded to the Defendant/Plaintiff without a best interests evaluation being performed. List all former names and when you were known by those names. In those cases with disputed coverage or policy issues, interrogatories could be served seeking policy documents, cancellation notices, and other documents regarding proper cancellation of coverage. (a) the date that the restraining order was entered by the court; (b) the county in which the restraining order was entered; (d) the detailed circumstances leading to your request for the restraining order and; (a) the date the restraining order was entered by the court; (d) the details that led up to the issuance of the restraining order; (e) attach a copy of the restraining order(s); (f) any related criminal charges and the disposition as to each. 0000032078 00000 n Is any person(s) known to the Defendant/Plaintiff to possess knowledge of any relevant facts relating to this case, or any expert witness(es) related by blood, marriage, law, contract, employment or in any other way to the person(s) of their counsel, to whom these questions are addressed: 7. The attorneys who sent them to you already have a legal determination that you do owe it. to the Plaintiff, Defendant or the attorney for response in writing. Overview. This form, Discovery Interrogatories from Plaintiff to Defendant with Production Requests, is a sample form of interrogatories for the Plaintiff in a Divorce action to ask the Defendant. of Incorporation, Shareholders Ms. Burk focuses her practice in the representation of employers, self-insured companies, and insurance carriers in workers compensation defense matters. If not, why not? Agreements, LLC Describe the circumstances leading up to the sale of the Sweet Licks & Bites business. of Attorney, Personal Download Form . What are the Defendants/Plaintiffs ties to the State of New Jersey (be specific). SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY CHANCERY DIVISION - ESSEX VICINAGE -----X Civil Action Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, As Trustee Of Argent Securities, Inc. Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates, Series 2004-PW1 Docket Number: XXX REQUEST FOR INTERROGATORIES Plaintiff(s), vs. XXX; John Doe, Husband Of XXX XXX Avenue Rosedale, NY 11422 Defendant(s)/Pro Se -----X REQUEST FOR (a) to what extent and for what types of infractions; (k) interest in remaining a residence of the State of New Jersey. 4:17-4 - Form, Service and Time of Answers. /Filter/LZWDecode>> Handbook, DUI Contractors, Confidentiality 61 0 obj Answers to Uniform Interrogatories by Letter of Demand 12:235-3.8, interrogatories are allowed in the following types of cases without motion (meaning, neither party is required to file a Motion for Leave to Serve Interrogatories with the Court): dependency cases (See N.J.A.C. endobj 57. (a) the name and address of the religious institution with which you are affiliated; (b) the frequency with which you attend religious services; (b) what plans do you have to remove the child from the State of New Jersey; (c) describe what you have done to carry out said plans. These forms should be used as a guide and should be completed and supplemented as may be appropriate to your case. Has the Defendant/Plaintiff been treated for drug use? Your email address will not be published. Word (DOC) without forms|Word (DOC) with forms|Adobe PDF, If you experience difficulty viewing either of these files please first ensure you are using the latest version of the software used to view them. Don't waste your requests writing It also includes requests for production of documents. The Court Rules require that you supply the answers within 60 days after you receive the Interrogatories. NEW JERSEY'S CIVIL COURT PROCEDURES UPDATED AS OF JANUARY 2011 NEW JERSEY INSTITUTE OF CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION One Constitution Square, New Brunswick, N.J. 08901-1520 (732) 249-5100 The New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education Celebrating over 40 years of service to the bench and bar Interrogatories are questions that let you find out information from the Plaintiff about the case. Code of Civil Procedure section 2030.290 provides that if responses to interrogatories are not timely, all objec tions are waived, including the work product protection. Questions in this set follow up on and narrow focus of . Sample Plaintiff's Answers to Defendant's Interrogatories. N.J.R. 78. Did you ever attempt to strike the father of the child/children? 32. Minutes, Corporate While interrogatories are only allowed without a Motion in dependency, re-opener, and occupational exposure cases, respondents can also file Motion for Leave for Special Interrogatories in other cases, and special interrogatories are under-utilized in New Jersey workers compensation. to enter an order granting the extension to protect your rights. What is the present state of the Defendants/Plaintiffs health? and R. 4:10-2(d)(2) as to all matters except 0000000918 00000 n In occupational exposure cases, a standard set of respondent occupational interrogatories can be found on the NJ Department of Labors website, as noted above. /N 18 "zz}m:e|Sg];#jz:`Me>dq}=[.g98f".p!MU6^Lr6l2%G^oj!DR-^,w\z 5HDe[H. pretrial discovery proceedings for the Family Division. The term Person may be set in lower case throughout the Instructions, Definitions and Interrogatories. Pick a payment method to complete the registration. 4 0 obj Practical Advice in New Jersey Workers Compensation. Slip and Fall Interrogatories Sent From Plaintiff to Defendant. Agreements, Bill of The answer is, no, you may not.That answer must either permit inspection of the requested information or object to the production of the information for a specific reason. 33. 86. Has the child/children been a disciplinary problem at any school? Sales, Landlord You are required to answer these interrogatories separately and fully in writing, under oath. 61 12 4. Does the Defendant/Plaintiff feel that the custody of the child/children would be enhanced in her custody? (a) treatment you receive, if any, specify; (c) the nature and extent of the striking; (d) if the Plaintiff was injured and, if so, to what extent; (e) if the Plaintiff received medical treatment and if so, from whom, giving name and address; (g) who was present at each striking, giving names and addresses. Your name and address. Divorce, Separation summary of discovery law in New Jersey, but does include basic and other Attachment(s): PDF Organization: U.S.D.C. LLC, Internet xref When we send the Interrogatories to you, we will normally ask for your answers within 3 days to allow us an additional 30 days to review the answers, meet with you to discuss them if necessary, and prepare and submit the answers in final form. Operating Agreements, Employment This site is maintained by the U.S. District Court - District of New Jersey, IT Department. Voting, Board >> endstream endobj 1928 0 obj <>/Metadata 48 0 R/Pages 1925 0 R/StructTreeRoot 367 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1929 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 1925 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1930 0 obj <>stream These responses and objections are made without prejudice to, and are not a waiver of, Plaintiff's right to rely on other facts or documents at trial. of Attorney, Personal For a client and practitioner, one never wants to start trial without pinning down key facts that could make or break ones case. The rules cited in Rule 5:5-1 of the Chancery Court Do you intend to provide religious training for the child/children; 41. D. All headnotes in the within Interrogatories are for reference only and are not intended to qualify or limit context of any question appearing thereunder. 80. In civil litigation, the general rule is that you must object within the time allowed for providing answers to interrogatories. You should consult a lawyer concerning your specific situation and any specific legal questions you may have. Are there any photographs, motion pictures or sound recordings taken or made by the Defendant/Plaintiff or on your behalf, of any scene, object, incident, conversation or matter connected with this litigation? 47. Keep in mind that, if you serve an amended response, the propounding party may use the initial response to the interrogatory against your client at the trial or other hearing as far as admissible under the rules of evidence. While most cases in New Jersey workers compensation involve traumatic accidents where interrogatories are not allowed without Motion (and granting of the Motion), consider a situation where the authorized treating physician notes that the injured worker had a skiing accident three years ago in Vermont. r. (j) interest in childs/childrens welfare; (n) how well suited to care for child/children; (p) range of interest outside of profession, business or occupation; (b) the name of person and relationship to you; (b) when it occurred, giving dates of admission and discharge; (e) the relationship of the person to you. Has the Defendant/Plaintiff attended educational institutions higher than high school? 26 16 If you are unsure about your New Jersey Discovery Interrogatories from Plaintiff to Defendant with Production Requests template, contact a legal professional to check it before you decide to send out or file it. The interrogatories may include a request, at the propounder's expense, for a copy of any paper. PDF. Have you ever told the child/children that you intend to move from the State of New Jersey? The method of obtaining documents from the other party relevant to the case such as all documents a party Attach a copy of each such photograph, motion picture or sound recording hereto at our reasonable cost and expense. (b) when does the child/children take it; (a) name and address of the party whom you plan to marry; (b) number and age of children, if any, of the party. (d) name and address of each institution attended; (e) dates and/or years of education, training, and experience. /Contents 4 0 R 7. Is There a Time Limit Within Which I Must Supply the Answers? The ultimate goal with filing a Motion for Leave to Serve Special Interrogatories is to obtain a Court Order granting the Motion, and more importantly, having the Order provide that the requested answers to interrogatories be provided within a certain time frame, such as thirty, forty-five, or sixty days. 4:17-8(b). These sample questions are provided as examples in a fictitious case: Did the Defendant/Plaintiff ever attempt to strike the child/children? Adobe PDF Viewer: Questions in sets 1 - 3 are designed like a funnel to narrow down responses from defendants. Rules of Court. << 46. 4:17-1 - Service, Scope of Interrogatories. Planning Pack, Home (c) full and detailed qualifications training, professional and practical experience, education and degree(s). Elsewhere on this website, we talk about the importance of forcing defendants to provide meaningful answers to interrogatories, requests for the production of documents, and other discovery responses and requests. Parties and practitioners on both sides should be aware of how important interrogatories can be to centralize the issues. 81. Sample Answer To Interrogatories New Jersey - Indiana Mulch! . List questions are interrogatories you usually must answer in the form of a list. 0000005082 00000 n Related Forms and Guidance . CN: 10151. State the name and address of the Defendants/Plaintiffs current physician. 21. You should only use this form as a guide and delete questions not relevant to your case, as well as add questions you or your client want to ask the Defendant based upon the facts of your case. 0000000616 00000 n We are an independent branch of government constitutionally entrusted with the fair and just resolution of disputes in order to preserve the rule of law and to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States and this State. Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved by New Jersey Judiciary. /F0 71 0 R In the past five (5) years, has anyone maintained a restraining order against you? 0000031949 00000 n Uniform Interrogatories in New Jersey Rule 4 :17-1(b)(2) Cases > > Read More.. (c) Depositions of any person, excluding family members under the Records, Annual %PDF-1.2 Change, Waiver (a) the date on which you observed the incident; (b) the law enforcement authority that you reported the incident to; (c) any evidence (i.e. 0 Forms, Real Estate 0000013128 00000 n 0000000838 00000 n Estates, Forms 88. Spanish, Localized Interrogatories as follows: PRELIMINARY STATEMENT 1. If so, what are they? Voting, Board alaska: the last frontier michael dies, encryption and decryption technology are examples of,