I dropped it off at the tire store to return the tire and have it replaced. The 12V heater fan wiring harness was completed, secured, and tested by operating the 3-speed switch on the dash. The bottom left image shows the raw fuel gauge driver PCB (blank), and the right image shows it with components soldered to it. You can kind of get an idea of a lot of older german cars and or other older manual small cars. The company, named eDub Services, was founded by a young man named Kit Lacey, and since my piece on his business he and I have been in conversation about this fascinating field of entrepreneurship. SHIFT EVis converting this 1970 VW beetle to electric power for a customer from Washington state. The rear battery box is bolted together except for the side walls. The content produced by this site is for entertainment purposes only. Army Of Spiral-Welding Wind Turbine Tower Trucks Sets Forth FromTexas? For more on this surprisingly complex topic,see the. Solutions like this are often a gamble, but it worked great. Don't let anyone tell you a new VW Beetle dash installation is easy. To determine battery capacity weuse the upper and lower ends of our range goal and multiply them by the estimated 250Wh/mile. I always find important decisions like this are best decided over a local Yorkshire pint! VW T2 conversion kits A few paragraphs above I mentioned a broken cell-tap flex-circuit on one of the battery modules. The affected area was cleaned with isopropyl and sealed with Conformal Coat. She moved! The wiring cleaned up nicely as well. This article was created to allow the customer to follow the high-level build activity. . Installed by our technicians at eDub HQ in North Yorkshire, UK. The plumbing under the car is complete leaving only the battery connections upfront to connect. Damage was discovered and fixed. T2 1974-79 Lite Steer Electric Power Assisted Steering Kit. Next, we'll mount the high current fuse and contactor (from the rear battery) and the motor controller and fluid cooling systems. They came from a Tesla that was purchased for reverse engineering by a TESLA competitor. They're capable of more than enough power that our system will draw 750A. The components were carefully picked out to be the best available for the Beetle, and fit and finish have been refined. In this episode we show you the bits we. The conversion sites the electric motor in place of the E-type's transmission, while the battery pack has been shaped to occupy the same space as the original six-cylinder XK engine - meaning . The final cable is on the rear battery pack, the BMS and temperature sensor wiring are all secured. Need faster charging, ask us about CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging. After a debug phase, the harness will all be covered by the same black wrap that is barely visible covering a 6-inch wire bundle that exits the right side of the power distribution box. 1059.50 inc. VAT. The harness is laid out where we expect it to stay. These are critical for the BMS to monitor and balance the pack and a reliable fix is important. Subscribe below to receive occasional promotions and updates. VW Beetle Kit 1956-1977 HPEVS AC-50 Read more . Choosing a model that has been converted before can save time and avoid unseen complications. For $17,000, enthusiasts can choose from a variety of first-generation Transporter bodies ranging from 1955 to 1967. So, to start us off, we needed the following; We sourced a startup loan to get us started, with a business plan to convert a camper to electric and then hire it out for holidays around Yorkshire. Since this image was captured, I've updated the coolant portions of the wiring diagram to show pumps, radiators, plumbing and ordered the parts to make visually appealing connections to the two chiller plate ports visible at the top of the controller/inverter box. turbo Garrett Mitsubishi KKK Borgwarner ihi tous modles vhicules, turbo dCi, HDi, TDi, CDi, JTD, au meilleurs prix web Spcialiste du turbo en neuf ou change-standard, kit Its continued to grow in popularity and from what I can tell from looking at the past few years of auctions on Bring a Trailer, they are appreciating. We convert your air-cooled VW buses and vans into electric vehicles. The project had eaten our private investment, and then doubled that because of paying off the matched loan. Theres a growing desire to turn gas powered cars into electric cars. The van was perfect, a perfect shell with nothing in it. All of its connectors extend to the drivers' side for easy access. We now have a routing plan and are proceeding to assemble! Here'sa status update: Mechanical fit:It was assembled mechanically with modules, but without plumbing and wiring. The Bus also uses 911 suspension components and 964/944 disc brakes. So the garage had bought it back and now had it on sale. So, as I said, road trips are how the best ideas come together, with my wife in the back keeping an eye on me. Interior workwas to follow this conversion project. Bugs change hands a lot and you can pick up a pretty good one for not that much. "We can convert a Beetle in less than a month," he says. Shes a bit more qualified than you might expect. These beautiful steel boxes were already set to undergo any transformation. Not to mention going over budget. A bit of non-EV conversion effort is occasional restoration work. We can't put them into the car until this is confirmed. That went together as planned. The VW Type 1 Beetle Kit is very unique in the fact that it truly is a 'turn-key' kit. The kit consists of a forklift loader that bolts to the stock Volkswagen transmission, a plate that adapts it, and a flywheel that . This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 January, 2014. The eDub Platform. So how have they extended the life of this internationally loved vehicle that is Volkswagens most iconic model? When the flow is restricted too much on these pumps the pressure drops. The simplest way is to buy a premade conversion kit that will inevitably save you time engineering your own bits and pieces, as well as money figuring it out on your own. If we were to do the process again today with the same spec, the project would cost around 45,000 including the cost of the camper van. Perfectly timed; eDub have unveiled a conversion pack for classic cars, including the classic VW camper vans, capable of achieving 235 miles to a charge with CCS rapid charging in under an hour. We now have enough P100D top clamshells to assemble the front pack and will begin that next week. It will probably take longer than wed like, but as long as we dont give up, well get there. eClassics provides us with the very latest third-generation electric vehicle conversion kits, to electrify your Volkswagen and give it a new lease of life. In the past, we have installed aftermarket PCBs (not pictured) sold for this purpose, but they would cost >$300 forthis 10 module pack and require more labor time to install because of connector issues of their own. You can find one of these from $10-15k., The SW20 MR2 is an awesome JDM candidate for an ev conversion. After deciding that the plan was a good one, we started the business dimensions. Nothing else will be in this motor compartment. It is time to get registration, license plates, and registration! The great thing about an 818 kit is that they start at around $10k, so (without work) between the kit and the electric vehicle conversion kit youre looking at around $20k for a small electric sports car., The Karmann Ghia is a classic Volkswagen sports car that was made from the 50s to the 70s. We can't button it up until the P100D coolant connectors arrive and are verified for proper fit and pressure testing completed. Volkswagen has teamed up with specialist firm eClassics based in Germany to provide the official conversion kit. Removing this took two pounds off. Theyve successfully completed countless electric vehicle conversions and now sell quite a few kits that make the process much easier.. There areno big roadblocks anticipated regarding parts. In early February 2016, we had a visit from Matt, our mechanic. The charge inlet is installed in the stock fuel location. It will only take one hour at an applicable plug-in point to replenish the battery to 75% capacity. Condition: Remanufactured. For Alex and his wife Brita, VW Kombis are a full-time passion. The eDub platform features batteries, motor, charger and more in one simple package. And the company sells a ready-to-fit . Do you have any regrets? But I should mention it comes with quite a few very promising specs. There are still a few electrical and plumbing connections to make before we can put the hood on and say the front is 100% complete. It was produced from thin aluminum to verify edge geometry and other features such as radiator mounting, etc. It's browned because it must be heated to about 400F to expand and slip onto the motor shaft. Contact us on 01384 671520. Add To Boot. This left us with the perfect T2. It will look a bit like we're going backward for a few days, but the new finish plan will be much better. The ElectrAA Show was also a chance to meet Robert Llewellyn, the Fully Charged presenter and a bit of an EV icon. And isnt it a good job he did! An e-Porsche 356 could also be pursued in the future.. 10 cm more height in the foot area compared to conventional sleeping roofs. But it's close. The wiring diagram was updated to consolidate low voltage fuses and reduce wire runs between sections of the car. By this point, so much money had been sunk into this project. Some with connectors, some cut clean, and other mysteries. He agreed and we met for a pint at the local pub to talk it through. However, you need to keep in mind that these larger engines will almost certainly require a major rebuild of your transaxle too. The proper heater box arrived, and of course, it's not black (a must). I am personally the wrong generation to love classic camper vans. With most of those parts missing, we're updating to an electric windshield washer fluid pump and reservoir. Hot air will also be ported to the windshield defrost ports. Effective November 2022, Peace Vans Electric is officially accepting new customers for 2023 builds. Its PTC element was the wrong voltage, but everything else was identical. If you have the vehicle and the dream, we have a conversion pack to suit. Until this week, we were using a heater box that we had in stock to mock up the system. This clean-up was made sense to do now because wiring and access will be difficult after the conversion. The box can be removed by the interior restoration folks, but it would be better to address these issuesnow. Next, we'll train the wire looms into position and start making the high current series connections between modules. The first 100 are available for a pre-order price of $2,990, and while we don't have . I like to compare this period to a story I once heard about the origins of Pixar. The only hitch: You'll have to. Since the flex circuit repair, all of the slave BMS PCBs have been modified (traces cut). Theoretically with enough time and money you can convert any car to electric, however, some cars may be much easier than others. We wanted to pay close attention to this because the battery location raised the center of gravity by about 18" from stock. We managed to cross a few more things off our bucket list. Rightly so, it's an exciting milestone to begin electrical testing. That battery pack consumes a lot of space where other conversions have had room for luxuries like a heater. Most of the kits on this list are provided by an electric car garage in southern California, EV West. The whole plan for eDubs came together very quickly in my mind from the logo, to the style, to the interior, it all had to be perfect. Writing about clean energy, electric transportation, energy poverty, and related issues,he gets the message through to anyone who wants to know better. You may want to catch up with part 1,part 2, part 3, part 4, & part 5 before I hand it over to Kit Lacey in this very last chapter of his first, and most painful, build, in which he refuses to give up on the adorable T2 Indie. The final steps will be plumbing, leak testing, and cell tap harness testing. The manifolds transition the five small lines to one bigger tube. It's about an hour from being installed and done, but it took much of a day to get the linkage and cable extension that would work. Inside the box, an aluminum plate is cut and drilled to accept two contactors, a high-voltage fuse for the rear pack, a high-voltage relay at the top, and our positive high-current battery input cables (not routed here yet). From Bring a Trailer it looks like you could expect to find one for around $40-50k. The box had to be disassembled to repair it (as described above). If you are embarking on a SubaruVanagon, Busaru, or Bugaru Subaru engine swap, you have come to the right place. The electric opening mechanism of the folding roof improves comfort, especially during assembly and dismantling. The company, named eDub Services, was founded by a young man named Kit Lacey, and since my piece on his business, he and I have been in conversation about this fascinating field of entrepreneurship. There are 4 needed per module. There is more going on underneath the stainless steel panels. The water-out comes from the coolant connection nearest the positive-mostcells, one of which has the stock Tesla temperature sensor. The ten coolant lines that exit the front battery box are now plumbed to the manifolds. The papers were signed and we had a van. It puts out 81bhp, accelerates to 50mph in 8 secs and has a top speed of 93mph The claimed range is 124 miles. During discharge, one string will its + and (-) outputs in parallel with the other string. That was such a fun drive. Years Experience. Contact us now to get a quote and begin the conversion process. This is normal at this stage. The 3D printed solution cost is $0.50 each, which eliminates the need for the black 10 pin connector and allows visual confirmation that connectors are properly seated without removing the fixture. The lower right image shows it repaired and plugged into the slave BMS PCB on the module. They will look nice when they go on the car next week. PTC (electric) heater, Operated by stock heater controls, With target battery capacity understood, we evaluate weight total and distribution, location, crush zone safety, etc. Volkswagen Beetle/Bug Complete Kit 1956 - 1977, Volkswagen Bus / Samba / Type 2 1950 - 1979. Another shot shows the blue paint on the otherwise black rubber engine bay seal. As a family, weve since gone through 3 Nissan Leafs, 2 BMW i3s, and a Kia e-Niro. For much of this maneuvering, there was less than a 1/4" of clearance between the body and the motor until the splined transmission shaft lined up with the splined hole in the motor coupler. We drill a hole and rivet the nut into position. The crate motor produces a claimed 450 kW, or 550 hp. In accessing and using www.intelligentliving.co and related sites, you agree that you may not download content except for personal, non-commercial reference. The old dash panels, switches, glove box door, etc. At eDub Conversions, we aim to create full transparency with our costs. SHOP. All types have pros and cons. eDub's e80 pack takes the world's best supply of electric vehicle tech and puts it into the perfect vehicle; the classic camper. When the plumbing is finalized, the rear pack will go into the car. The BMS mount holes were drilled and revet-nuts inserted. The holes for the DC-DC (on the front battery box) were tapped for assembly. Theres no reason why we cant convert every single VW T2, is there!(?) Choose your VW conversion. The upper right image shows the main contactor, and the PTC heater contactor is below it. Copyright 2023 CleanTechnica. I cannot guarantee any of the prices or products listed below. Lite-Steer is simple enough to fit for most enthusiasts with some basic mechanical knowledge. 4.3 4.3 out of 5 stars (126) $71.96 $ 71. The BMS systems are operating as expected except for a diagnostic code that triggers when the charging process completes. It was stripped and primed but nothing else. We can accomplish our drive systems maximum and minimum voltage range, With 5 modules wired in series, the full and empty voltages fall within the operating range of our motor controller. The wiring harnesses and connections were completed, trained into position and where needed, protected with convoluted tubing. One manifold is for cold coolant-in, and the other is warm coolant-out. To prevent hard regen from reducing the motor RPM too quickly, there needs to be a signal to the motor controller when the clutch pedal is pressed. It was manufactured in Easy Fit V-Tec design and offers approx. This can easily cost an additional $2,000 - $3,000 on the low end for 2WD vans, and roughly double that for 4WD Syncros. Universal Electric Power Window Lift Roll Up Regulator Conversion Kit 2 Electric Windows Motors 2 Switches 3 Harness for 2 Door Pickup SUV Truck Van Car,Electric Window Lift Kit. Copyright 2023 CleanTechnica. Electric vanagon conversion. First, some quick specs on the more common engines: Vanagon Engine Conversion Specs : Common . of Options to build your perfect Campervan. This is the final part of the series on his first conversion. At the bottom are the missing VW defrost ducts that just arrived. Quantity: 3 available 19 sold / See Feedback. I disagree with, but appreciate this observation. Motorways are so boring, and it was great to explore the beautiful British countryside. This series is the result of conversations with Kit Lacey about his entrepreneurship in converting classic cars to electric propulsion. It is hard to imagine that the engine compartment was barely long enough to get this assembly into place. Follow the series to see how accurate those plans were. Just search eDub Services and youll find him. For more recen Add to basket. Next, the faulting BMS unit was moved to the I/O harness of the non-faulting BMS, and it worked as expected. VW T2 Conversions. Under the car, each line is labeled where it connects, and all lines and manifolds have been secured with rubber-coated stainless steel P-clamps. Top left & right are the first drafts of a 3D model and its 3D print process set-up. ), BidenHarris Administration Announces $74 Million to Advance Enhanced Geothermal Systems, In 2021, 20% Of Electricity In The US Was Generated From Renewable Sources, Stellantis Takes On Two Partners To Reduce EV Production Emissions, Redwood Materials Shares Lessons Learned After One Year Of Operation. We must find the solution that we'll install so we can check for leaks in the rear module (and front) before they go in. The company converts cars for around Rs 2,40,000 and Rs 5,70,000. Then the DC-DC 12V power supply fuse, heater/defroster which is amazing, and finally the charger fuse. What followed was an amazing summer. We'll pop a hole in the top surface of the heat box (pictured a few paragraphs above). The average cost of conversion is $30,000-$34,000 and takes about three months. The coolant lines sweep down around the side and underneath the battery box to twoaluminumblock manifolds. The process on paper is simplified as: gutting the car, mating clutch to motor, connecting battery and controls. The gland nuts for the cables to pass through are also installed. Click here to view more details about the P100D 6.3kWh coolant connectors in a separate blog post. Thomas Schmall, a member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components, commented on the project: The electrified Beetle combines the charm of our classic car with the mobility of the future. Quantity. 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Thanksgiving week was short. A couple of months ago I introduced you to a UK company that converts classic cars to electric propulsion. The Westfalia has been converted successfully to electric before. have been removed. Click through to see how they did it. The 912 is another good candidate, and if youre into Porsche this may be on the cheaper end of what you can get. I can't tell you how many times I've had an employee say that before testing. The defrost air flow at the windscreen is impressive. I have an old Volvo 240 in my garage that one day will need an electric drivetrain for sure, so getting acquainted with someone like Kit is a good bet. The three low voltage wiring harnesses bundles exitingupwards will be enclosed in tubing and routed neatly to their destinations. There were the typical "current sensor polarity reversed" and other minor settings That needed adjusting, but nothing out of the ordinary. The BMS harness has been wired to use these sensors so that itwill report what is likely to be the warmest cell temperatures. The gray assembly (not used) is smaller, uses nichrome elements much like a hairdryer, and multiple units can be located where needed much like a hairdryer. As long as healthy modules are purchased, they're a good value at around $230/kWh on today's market. If you remember from part 5 of our journey, Indie suffered a catastrophic failure on a test drive. It was assembled mechanically with modules, but without plumbing and wiring. The motor, controller/inverter, and wiring harness arrived and we've installed the shaft coupler and the trans adapter plate. "It's is done!". The garage agreed to paint the van and do a left- to right-hand drive conversion for a reduced rate. Thirty minutes later all 10 lines for the front box were pressed onto the Tesla P100D modules. Volkswagen (VW) has unveiled an electric conversion concept for its iconic Type 2 microbus to celebrate 20 years at its Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) in California. We have a tiny and exposed pedal assembly, making it difficult to add a switch there. There must have been over 20 pages of sketches exploring possible routing to avoid the delay and cost of a new box side panel. I fell in love with images of them on tea towels and mugs. Yesterday I received tracking confirmation that the coolant connectors and hose arrived in the US and hope to see them arrive next week. With the box in place, the high current cables are the only thing not wired up. I talked to Kit about the concrete and chronological information on his rebuilds and how we could make it accessible for all of us curious about how such projects can be carried out. These images show the front box in position with the DC-DC converter, BMS, and main contactor with a high voltage fuse. The shaping and fitting of nearly every vent, trim piece, and switch had to be persuaded into place. All this to say it was more difficult to accommodate the P100D coolant line routes than expected. The airflow to all six ports is excellent. Some dashboard fasteners will not be easily accessible once the front battery box is installed. Jesper had his perspective on the world expanded vastly after having attended primary school in rural Africa in the early 1980s. A lot of time went into exploring how to add a simple and reliable electric heat source while also being able to plumb the air to the existing vents. Whilst their first film, Toy Story, was being made, the project took way longer than expected. This kit comes with everything you need right down to the heat shrink tubing, and fuse holders. VW of America and EV West have partnered to build an electrified Type 2 Bus. Under the hood, the top image shows the stereo amplifier laying where the battery box bottom will be. I've updated the. VW Bugs have been a popular platform for conversion to electric for decades. Not too hard, she replied. Price: 249.99. The UK auto market saw plugin electric vehicles (EVs) take 20.0% share of new sales in January, flat from 20.4% year on year. We had some good chats with a company on the south coast of the UK that was for sale, but there were disagreements within the business and they didnt follow through. Our dirt-cheap homemade electric Volkswagen runs! The stainless panels, radiators, throttle input, BMS, motor, and motor controller are all assembled with stainless steel fasteners. I decided to buck up my ideas. 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It's the new wider tire on the new wider rim. That includes custom enclosures, multiple heater units, a center console to hide stuff and add fan controls, which the original car never had. The stock spring works, but not with enough safe margin. This is a good candidate for conversion.. When evaluating battery type andsize we consider the energy consumption rate of the vehicle for typical driving. The radiator, throttle, and possibly a pump or two have been included in the custom CAD design for the engine compartment floor plates.
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