2017 chevy malibu auto stop problems

When shifted to park and turned off, it gives an error message "shift to park" and will not shut all the way off. Replacement would be better. On nov 12,2019 I was driving in glen burnie maryland in a street , coming to a stop light I stop and the car turned off, I turn it on again and got on the hwy I-97 north came off ramp. Sometimes need to start and restart car a dozen times to get it to stop the error. No further assistance was provided. Anyone aware of a permanent way to defeat this? Cannot put the car into park, have to fiddle with the shifter to get the car to turn off, drains my battery. It appears that customers have trouble getting the brakes to stop applying after severely braking. It happens atleast once a day. The approximate failure mileage was 70. This means that my car will not turn off, and I can't leave my car until it recognizes it's in park. Doors would not lock, emergency lights stay on and had a beeping sound. If this occurs, fire is a real concern. Purchased car brand new; only been serviced at the original dealership, only use shell v-power gasoline. Because it is a safety and the car will not shut off until to sensor is told to put it in park. When driving the car, it will suddenly decelerate. When you turn the car off it claims it's in park but then gives a safety notice that you need to shift to park. Steering wheel locked and car refused to start. The contact stated that the failure was intermittent. I really hope this issue gets resolved. The vehicle was taken to koons clarksville chevrolet buick gmc (12421 auto dr, clarksville, md 21029, 410-988-9522) where it was diagnosed that the shifter assembly was damaged. Typically a shift to park' warning message will appear on the driver information center when this happens. Rockmont ourisman chevrolet &2. Car has been brought to the dealer 3 times. Speed dropped almost instantly from 55mph to about 35mph!!!!! Gm should be responsible for a recall on these two very important errors that these chevy malibu cars are having on both of the problems are very dangerous "reduced engine speed" and "shift to park" can't shut off the engine is dangerous. The first time I discovered it the trunk was soaked and the car smelled horrible (8/24/2017, 11/2/2017, 1/2018 etc etc). There's no specific movement that triggers this and no past or current recalls regarding this issue, though this has been a common complaint apparently for the malibu vehicles, according to one of the dealerships I took my vehicle to. The contact also stated that while merging onto a highway at 60 mph, the vehicle stalled with several unknown warning lights illuminated. We contact gmc and filed a claim (83737025405) and also took it to the chevrolet dealership in our hometown which is not doing much but charging us 00+ for a change on a vacuum top and seal but don't understand that this is a safety issue for we have almost crashed over 4 times due to these issues. Dangerous situation for myself and other drivers. Stayed on for the next 35 miles. Reduce power mode continues to come on! Luckily I have a anti left device that reads off codes for my check engine like code p2138 is what came up. The next day I got in the car to back out my drive way and it did it again the same exact way. The engine light comes on, and disappears a few hours later. Sound off and share your experience with other visitors in the comment box below. It indicated "electric steering issues" it was on for no more than 5-10 seconds then it turned off automatically. Check engine light came on a month and half later. Lemberg Law is a consumer law firm helping victims of bad manufacturing and run-arounds from auto companies. ALSO, WHILE ATTEMPTING TO PARK THE VEHICLE, THE GEAR SHIFT INDICATOR SHOWED THE VEHICLE IN PARK; HOWEVER, THE SHIFT INTO PARK MESSAGE APPEARED. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. It hasn't fixed the problem yet. After moving the gear shifter back & forth, the error message finally goes off. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. We use cookies to analyze & improve your experience, & to personalize content and ads. This is a huge safety hazard, I do not drive on the highway out of fear that the car may shut off. Yet, 5 months later, I am having the same problem. The vehicle was towed to an independent lot. I was driving at around 60 mph on the highway, when suddenly I received a message on the dashboard stating, 'engine power is reduced'. Thousands of customers have been affected according to chevrolet forums and youtube videos, Shift to park warning appears on dashboard after vehicle has been placed in park and power button is pushed. Purchased my vehicle new with two miles in 2016. If Your battery is low it will not have enough amperage to turn the starter motor back on and that can cause it to stall out and not start after it has turned off. Car is saying 'engine power reduced'. I called the service team for the first time on april 7, 2019 @4:13pm. The failure mileage was 100,000. Always the same outcome "we don't know how to fix it". The vehicle was taken to the hicksville chevrolet dealer, located at: 236 s. Broadway, hicksville, ny 11801, where it was stated that there was no recall. So I had to tow it home where it sits, My chevy malibu currently has about 20k miles on it in addition to that it is up to date on oil changes etc. Speed went from 50 down to 20 while on an expressway and I had to pull off the road and shut it down. I almost got sideswiped while trying to merge into traffic but couldn't gain speed. This can be resolved by many pushes on the shift stick lever. While sitting in car went to open sunroof, it wasn't working and it had been months since I remember opening it, so 'I'm reading owners manual and went to turn on map lights. This situation is both a safety dangerous hazard and inconvenience. They found p2127 for accelerator pedal position sensor failure, replaced gas pedal, cleared codes, road testes. When this happened we were on the highway in a snow storm and had our baby in the vehicle. The vehicle was not repaired. 94 two days later car continues to say shift to park. My car is unsafe I was on the freeway when it slowed down lucky I was in the first line and was about to get off safely. It turns out that the cause is a damaged piston that must be replaced. Thank you for requesting your free case evaluation. Had to push the car off the road. When the system begins to malfunction, owners can only hope for an enjoyable ride. This issue has happened twice. (yes, the mileage is 8,400. Additionally, the contact stated while driving 45-55 mph, the vehicle decelerated independently to 25-30 mph. The manufacturer was not contacted. You are not able to turn the vehicle off. My car tells me to shift to park when car is in park and I have to turn car off and on nd move from d to p to get it to work. I took it by the dealership and showed them they said that it was coming from the 3rd brake light well they ordered a part for the vehicle and stated theater should fix the problem, but the problem is still ongoing. This is a huge safety concern and I can no longer drive this vehicle safely. There was an error message on the instrument to shift the vehicle to park however, the vehicle failed to remain in park. An internet search indicated that this is a problem in my make/model of car. Remember, a vehicle needs air, fuel, and spark to run. While trying to accelerate down the on-ramp onto a highway all of a sudden I lost power and could not exceed 40mph. Ive found with Chevy dealerships if there isnt an error code they tell you there is nothing wrong.. After replacing the brake pads with the new ones (the old ones were only half the size of the new ones and did not need replacing) the brake pedal still did not push easily. I have only had this car a year and am ready to give it back to the dealership. It feels like one side of the car is pulling faster than the other. 8 months later the vehicle started to do the same thing for the next 5 months, sometimes 3 to 4 times in one day or not al all for several weeks. This car is a POS. We research hundreds of models each Car will indicate 'engine power reduced' and will abruptly reduce speed. The accelerator pedal position sensor failed causing reduced engine power mode. This vehicle has started up and stop on it's on while driving sitting at a red light also the pedal is getting air through it and the reduce engine light continues to come on. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure however, no assistance was offered. It is obvious to be a shabby mechanism inside the shift box that isn't connecting the circuit to show that the vehicle is actually in park. The failure mileage was unknown. Vehicle moving slowly and almost stationary when struck in driver side rear door area by full size pickup truck with extensive and substantial damage and likely a total loss but no air bag deployed. THE VEHICLE WAS NOT REPAIRED. Hopefully it will get fixed. It happened at 37k and I had it repaired which cost close to 0 just under a year ago. After the third time the car did not turn off at all. Here are some of the most frequently reported issues across its model years: Loss of Engine Power. I could hardly press the pedal enough to make the vehicle come to a stop safely. Intermittent shift to park message displayed on the driver information center (dic) when the vehicle has been shifted to park and the ignition has been turned to the off position. Call Volume is Too High or Too Low. The reduced engine speed popped up on the dashboard and slowed my speed down to 20 mph in the middle of traffic and it will not correct even though I have turned it off and restarted the engine. Com/lawsuit-settlements/consumer-products/auto-news/chevy-malibu-class-action-alleges-power-defect-cover-up/ I feel like this is very dangerous and I don't want to get hurt or hurt anyone in the process. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. The rapid jerking has happened both times on different road services at speeds below 45 mph while coasting, foot completely off the gas pedal and foot not touching the brake pedal.. This happens weekly at least. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. This can happen when there is a problem with Your battery or alternator in Your car. It began rolling backwards out into a busy street. Did try to clean out the throttle body and see if that helped, but issue still is there. I have also attempted to have the car repaired multiple times, within warranty and while out of warranty, by two dealerships. There were no warning lights illuminated. The vin was not available. This time they serviced it stating the car needed a computer update and charged me 100 dollars and stated they couldnt find the problem with acceleration and the update may have fixed it. I am not looking forward to my cars engine cutting out on the highway again because chevy cannot find a fix for their bum engine. They currently have the car, and have had it for about 25 days now. The air bags did not deploy. Also, while attempting to park the vehicle, the gear shift indicator showed the vehicle in park; however, the 'shift into park' message appeared. The manufacture was not made aware of the failure. The dealership was not able to find anything with their diagnostic testing!! The headlights are very poor and even unsafe on dark wet nights. Luckily I was near the shoulder, but if I wasn't I could've easily gotten into an accident. Engine power reduced. TL* THE CONTACT OWNS A 2017 CHEVROLET MALIBU. Every other one of your cars have this recalls. Upon getting into the car on october 12, while still at the dealership the engine light came on. The engine light remained lit and the "reduce engine power" message remained on this time. It went through the skin layer down to the muscle. November 5, 2020 Luckily the road wasn't busy and I was able to pull into a gas station. This is a known issue that is going to get someone killed! After 2 or 3 visits to my dealer, they fixed the problem after calibrating the meter months ago and it was fine until today. Landmark Supreme Court Decision Made in Lemberg Laws Facebook Robocalling Suit, Lemberg Law Wins Class Certification in Robocall Case. Also, the leak is cause damage to my vehicles interior panels. Both service teams never resolving the issue. I called on-star to receive a diagnostic report, which returned a p2138 code. There are many threads explaining what could be the issue and I would like a follow up on how my experience with my dealership went. Its gotten to the point where I cant even use it anymore. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. Replaced gas pedal, was fine for a year. The rapid jerking has happened both times on different road surfaces at speeds below 45 mph while coating, foot completely off the gas pedal and foot not touching the brake pedal. The contact stated that there was a class action lawsuit for the 2016 - 2018 chevrolet malibu due to reduced power failure. I notice if I keep foot on break at a stop light and foot on gas to keep the rpms up and don't allow it to auto stop it won't shut down. 3rd incident- on my way home from dealership following above service, dealer noted cylinder 3 misfire, opened a case with gm, and performed decarbon service to engine, said carbon build-up to blame. I have reached out to gm to complain, however they have not been helpful nor are they experts in fixing transmission/ emissions issues. Even when the temp and fan is set to high prior and after two starts. Malfunctions in the auto stop on the 2017 chevy malibu are common. 37. I then set up an appointment with the chevrolet dealership, where technicians also ran a more thorough diagnostic test and found my car needed a new accelerator pedal position sensor. Immediately taken to dealership and they could not identify the problem. Its caused by a defective switch in the transmission controller and requires replacement. Since chevy is aware of the issue with their shifter control switches they should be held accountable to replace them with a shifter that is not known to have issues as this could become a safety issue for individuals who do not have the 0 to fix the problem. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. I have had to be towed to the shop I have had to replace the battery once already because of this and looks like will have to replace battery again because it has started doing the same thing again. There are many complaints relating to this vehicle's gas meter and the car in general if you check chevrolet's facebook page. In august of 2019 my car wouldn't shift out of park. The contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. I use my vehicle for work and cant be without transportation. Have you had a bad experience too? I pulled over turned my car off and back on a few mins later later lights went away and car drove fine . I took it to the repair shop the warranty company silver rock recommended. Chevy dealer's service advisor told me "yeah, we've had lots of problems with that. As I was merging on the engine light went on and the message saying "reduced engine power" came on again. I am looking for a remedy that is safe for both me and my children. It is happening often now and I don't know why. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. A message appeared and said loss of engine power and the at went from 65 to 20 in 1 second. Gear shift not staying in place. This shouldn't be failing after so soon. Curious how the 2017 Malibu compares to other years? Chevrolet. Well known problem with two tsbs issued but no recall. CarComplaints.com has owner-reported complaints about the vehicles listed in the recall. It's not registering the car is in park. I have experienced several incidences where, despite being in park (shifter is moved all the way forward and the p is red on the dash display), the vehicle will not turn off and states to shift to park to turn off. Power engine reduced indicator warning across screen- now it will not even run 20 miles without bogging down to 20mph with no warning- their is a recall on it it was and always is in motion when this occurs. The contact took the vehicle to the local dealer but was unable to duplicate the failure. Checked chevron app on phone and it did not see anything wrong. It does not have a trunk release inside, you have to use your FOB or get out of the car and open it. Failure Date: 03/31/2022. Allthough this warning went away, I did not feel safe so I pulled over and started doing some research on my malibu. THE CAR ON A IRREGULAR BUT BASIS BUT AT INCONVENIENT TIMES WILL NOT START WITH PUSH BUTTON START. *tr. I purchased the vehicle in 2018 with 20,000 miles on it. Very dangerous. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. Us government owned 2017 chevrolet malibu vehicle fire. Car stopped while driving on a highway with a message on dash saying 'engine power is reduced.' year to help you gain confidence about one of your largest purchase decisions. Car has shift to park warning when park is engaged, car wont shut off ,have restart car. Its obviously a safety issue, if you cant lock & secure the car. IT WAS THEN TOWED TO ANOTHER DEALERSHIP WHICH IS NOW REPLACING THE FUEL PUMP DUE TO A GM TSB COMMUNICATION 16-NA-225. AFTER ABOUT 20 MINUTES REMOTE KEY OPERATION RETURNED.THIS HAPPENED AGAIN ABOUT 2 WEEKS LATER. This car is a lemon. Gives a message saying engine power reducing. I can start to again, also loose all volume to turn signals and radio. The contact took the vehicle to carl black chevrolet service (535 murfreesboro pike, nashville, tn 37210) to be diagnosed. Write a comment below to share online. This could lead to a very unsafe condition, depending on where this occurs. 3 times in 2 years is ridiculous and there are thousands of cars that have reported this exact issue. The engine losses a significant amount power dropping my vehicles speed down to around 30-40mph putting not only my family and myself in danger but other drivers as well. Staff at the tow service discovered the rear door airbags had never been plugged in at the factory. Car goes into an engine power reduced mode while traveling at highway speeds. The drivers side lower fog light/daytime running light doesn't work randomly and there is condensation in the inside of the lens. After about 10 minutes it happened again on and off for the next ten miles. IT IS A RAPID RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT ONLY MOVING THE WHEEL ABOUT 2 INCHES FROM THE CENTER EACH WAY. I'm pulling up and showing on nhtsh for open recalls and one complaint. Tl* the contact owns a 2017 chevrolet malibu. The manufacturer was contacted. fort lewis football coaches, senior staff engineer manager qualcomm salary, who did etta james want to portray her,