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But when you dont know better, you dont know how to do better. I truly wish we could meet some day so I might crush your worthless empty colored nappy haired head with my hands. the Murderpedia project stay alive. In the 3012 defeat, he had a four-yard receiving touchdown. YouTube appealed both the dismissal and the summary judgment ruling. The defense began pleading on September 20, making a case for unpremeditated assault, with Faal challenging the video evidence and portraying Williams as a victim of poverty and racism. [9], Williams made his NFL debut in the 2014 season opener against the New England Patriots. 25 Years After L.A. It was like a job, I got up every morning, pressed my clothes and I went out to be the best at it, Williams said. But I was making a conscious decision to leave the gang because I wanted to play sports, I wanted to go to college I wanted to, I was getting letters that semi-pro wants to bring me in - they wanted to try me out. [24], Williams finished the 2018 season with 256 rushing yards, four rushing touchdowns, 23 receptions, 160 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns. [6], In the 2010 NFL Draft, Williams was selected with the 77th pick by the Tennessee Titans. My goal was to make it to the NFL. during the 1992 Los Angeles [3][4]He was listening to the radio, "probably KKLA, a Christian channel," Denny said, "or country station KZLA. Growing up in Springdale, Arkansas, Williams began his college career at nearby University of Arkansas, joining Springdale High School teammates and star recruits, quarterback Mitch Mustain, and tight end Ben Cleveland. One of That means, what, Im packing in the old for something new. We put it out there but we never hear from the accused. [2][12], In 1997, Damian Williams was released from prison early for good behavior, but in 2003, he was sentenced to 46 years to life in prison for the 2000 murder of drug dealer Grover Tinner. Okay no prison riots. He was released after four years, and went back to prison in 2003 for his role in a murder unrelated to the 1992 social unrest. I wanted a part of [it.] NBA DFS Shooting Guard Picks Stud. 48-year-old drug dealer, in July 2000. ): 10 (8224th overall since 1960) High School: Springdale Draft: Tennessee Titans in the 3rd round (77th overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft. It was time for people to hear the new me. Porter is presently being mocked by the following: *The Draft Network (Damian Parson); CBS Sports (Ryan Wilson); indicates trade Cornerback Christian . ???? And Gary Williams is recovering from a long-term drug addiction, according to friends. Damian Monroe Williams, aka Football (b. LOS ANGELES Damian "Football" Williams, who spent four years in jail for attacking trucker Reginald Denny during the 1992 riots, pleaded not guilty Friday to murder and robbery charges in. HE CALLIN!!! Live a positive life now. He tore a ligament in his shoulder during 2007 spring practice and sat out most of spring drills, then had post-spring surgery on both shoulders, limiting his practice time during the 2007 season. We offer recommendations from over 100 fantasy football experts! He is currently Williams, aka I played football all the way up into high school. Very sad that the newspapers have given him the satisfaction of being called a star when he was nothing more than a freshman. new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help So I went to some of the older dudes- what we call in our community our big homies and I told them that I wanted to walk away from this life, I got a call from an older one. sentence, but soon found Damian "Football" Williams was convicted of mayhem for hitting Denny in the head with a brick. [26] On February 1, 2004, Antoine Miller was shot outside of a Hollywood nightclub during an altercation and died in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on February 8 at the age of 31. Williams waves to his mother I wanna be known as being a sincere person. If you were smart you would let them keep the d game and teach blacks to get an education so they dont need the game but your to dumb for that. Yeah, that tells you hes a soft blank PC chick. serious charges against him The outrage resulting from the acquittal of these police officers was the principal cause of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. intesection of Florence and College: USC (College Stats) Weighted Career AV (100-95-. It's never too early to prepare for the fantasy football season! I did my time at nsp, wish I had a friend in ca. another spat on him; a In that Super Bowl, he scored the Chiefs' game-clinching touchdown on a 38-yard run with less than two minutes left in the game. Denny suffered a fractured skull and impairment of his speech and his ability to walk, for which he underwent years of rehabilitative therapy. named Reginald Denny. Pelican Bay State Prison, $0.99 + $1.08 shipping. The running back, who ran for 104 yards on 17 carries and accounted for two touchdowns in Super Bowl LIV, has. Corrections Department Id been with my mother all my life and my mother had worked with white people as a nurse- some of the most nice and compassionate people. The attack was captured on video by a news helicopter and broadcast live on U.S. national television. Who cares if dude was a superstar in high school, dudes always doing that dumb s***. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Youre no different than the rest. Quit yo lyin! He played in the National Football League from 2010 through 2014 for the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, and St. Louis Rams. BOO!!! The gang that I was affiliated with is the -- gang, The Crips. How did he survive all this time? [15], In 2016, Williams played in 15 games, rushing for 115 yards and three touchdowns while recording 23 receptions for 249 yards and three touchdowns. Its not no jailhouse or prison talk, this is the life that Im living every single day. beating of Reginald Denny Keep ya head up DMoney ? Two weeks after Reginald Denny was beaten, Damian "Football" Williams, the man who smashed Denny's head with a brick, was arrested in a raid by 100 state and federal officers. 2 nationally. 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Because of that image. From Calipatria State Prison, Williams gave a rare interview to John Ridley for the documentary "Let It Fall." Faal was Damian Williams' defense attorney, and Earl C. Broadly was Henry Watson's. pointed at Denny. to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really We Publish News 24/7. I want to be known as one day, I started off in a life that's full of trials and tribulations, and I was able to overcome because I was willing to work on myself. 2010 Donruss Rated Rookie NFL Football Card Damian Williams Titans Mint #21. white mans life. He left the 110 Harbor Freeway and took a familiar shortcut along Florence Avenue to get to his destination. Heading into the 2022 campaign Williams was expected to be a part . Miller had previously been arrested for misdemeanor drug charges, joyriding, and failing to appear in court. You know dam well you dont really work there. [42] He suffered a rib injury in Week 1 and was placed on injured reserve on September 17, 2022. Los Angeles, Fox News finally reveals its kryptonite: the bottom line, K-Pop isnt the only hot ticket in Koreatown how trot is captivating immigrants, Los Angeles is suddenly awash in waterfalls, Officials admit being unprepared for epic mountain blizzard, leaving many trapped and desperate, This is me, this is my face: Actress Mimi Rogers on aging naturally, without cosmetic surgery, The Week in Photos: California exits pandemic emergency amid a winter landscape. Yes, I have good days and bad days, but in the end of the day, I believe in myself. simple mayhem. Williams, 27, could face the death penalty for the July 18 shooting, because prosecutors have filed a special circumstance allegation of murder during a robbery. stood on his neck and Big deal. ", "Damien Williams reveals why he opted out of 2020 NFL season", "Super Bowl LV - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - February 7th, 2021", "With youth and depth at the position, Kansas City Chiefs release veteran running back Damien Williams", "Roster Move: Bears land ex-Chiefs RB Williams", "Falcons sign running back Damien Williams to one-year deal", "Falcons place veteran running back on injured reserve", https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/damien-williams-waived-from-ir/amp/, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Damien_Williams&oldid=1138780609, Players of American football from San Diego, African-American players of American football, Arizona Western Matadors football players, 21st-century African-American sportspeople, Short description is different from Wikidata, NFL Free agent currentteam parameter articles, Infobox NFL biography articles missing alt text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Career statistics and player information from, This page was last edited on 11 February 2023, at 15:38. Free shipping. Antoine Miller and Gary Williams, known as the L.A. Four, were [9] News footage showed Damian Williams throwing a cinder block at Denny's head, then doing a football-style victory dance in the road and flashing gang signs at the Los Angeles News Service helicopter of Zoey Tur[a] and Marika Gerrard. When he was 12, his grandmother killed his grandfather during an argument and was convicted of his murder, leaving Miller homeless. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King: Key Figures: Henry Keith Watson", "2002 Interview: Reginald Denny Looks Back on the LA Riots, Get-Well Cards", "Figure in '92 Riots Convicted of Murder", "25 Years After L.A. f A RACIST chick!!! On August 31, 2015, the Rams released Williams.[10]. The group of young black men who were charged became known as the "L.A. Four" and Williams, who was accused of throwing a brick at Denny's head, was considered the most high-profile member. So, if I had to just look at it for what it is and never heard any reports after the fact, I would think hes somebody that was evil. court. Kodak Black Caught Having Sex in White Teacher Hits The Jerk as Students Go Wild Are AKAs Too Insecure? Williams, who was. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Desperate mountain residents trapped by snow beg for help; We are coming, sheriff says, Hidden, illegal casinos are booming in L.A., with organized crime reaping big profits, Look up: The 32 most spectacular ceilings in Los Angeles. Damien Williams (Playoff Damien) Position: RB 5-11 , 225lb (180cm, 102kg) Born: April 3 in San Diego, CA (Age: 30-330d) More bio, uniform, draft, salary info 1x SB Champ 34 26 26 8 6 SUMMARY 2022 Career G 1 98 AV - 20 Rush 2 336 Yds 2 1397 Y/A 1.0 4.2 TD 0 14 FantPt 0.2 402.6 Damien Williams Overview Game Logs Career Postseason 2014 2015 2016 2017 No, we didnt start the riots, Williams said. He dropped out of school and was never a star. [19], On May 12, outgoing Los Angeles police chief Daryl Gates started a search for three of Denny's attackers, who were identified from the video of the beating. March 17, 1973), along with Henry Watson, If you didnt make it to the NFL, then your high school career is a cute little anecdote. I really started recognizing the different things that was going on in our community. Yes there is something as racism against white people and if you dont condemn it than dont be a cry baby about racism toward blacks which is very rare these days considering we have some of the strictest discrimination laws in the world. So when I do leave this world, what people do speak about me, they speak about the good that I contributed, not the bad things that I got caught up in as an adolescent in South Central. Williams scored the game clinching rushing touchdown that gave the Chiefs a 10 point lead with 1:12 left in the game. After his release from prison, he married, had a daughter, and was working two jobs at the time of the attack. He has also played for the Kansas City Chiefs and won Super Bowl LIV with the team. the verdicts in the Rodney Free shipping. [16] The Dolphins made the playoffs and faced off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round. 1 DVD, Rollin: The Fall of the Auto Industry and the Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit, G.A.N.G. Damien Williams (born April 3, 1992) is an American football running back who is a free agent. [2] He became friends with the four persons that saved him, and Green was hired by Denny's employer Transit Mixed. Williams was convicted of mayhem and misdemeanor assault and was Damian "Football" Williams was 19 when television news helicopters broadcast images of him and three other men pulling Denny from his truck on April 29, 1992 and beating him into unconsciousness. So most people would say, Oh were a product of our environment. No, Im a product of bad decisions. [22], Williams signed with the Kansas City Chiefs on March 22, 2018. [5] Williams was First-team All-Pac 10 in 2009 as a Wide Receiver and Punt Returner. [29] Watson was re-arrested and sentenced to three years for a narcotics conviction and, after his release, owned and operated a limousine service in Los Angeles. [28] The 91-yard run tied Jamaal Charles for the longest touchdown run in franchise history. What happened to that? No, Im a product of bad decisions. Get instant advice on your decision to draft Chase Brown or Damien Williams in 2023. I grew up in a household with a very religious mother, who I love dearly. Black people get so hostile so quickly. news chopper. During the 2008 spring practice, Williams impressed and quickly climbed to be a starting receiver for the Trojans going into the 2008 season. -- Damian "Football" Williams was 18 years old on April 29, 1992, when he participated in a series of attacks on motorists at the intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles, following the acquittals of four white police officers in the Rodney King beating trial. He played in the National Football League from 2010 through 2014 for the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, and St. Louis Rams. Los Angeles The person found most responsible for the brutal beating of truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots, Damian Football Williams has spoke out on this 20th anniversary of the Uprising. "So most people would say, 'Oh were a product of our environment.' He will not be eligible Damien Williams (born April 3, 1992) is an American football running back who is a free agent. Damian "Football" Williams is sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was paroled after serving four years of his 10-year sentence. But, we must understand that I must speak to the person about how I feel and what I think now. Somebody that didnt have no sense of feelings or emotions or didnt care for nothing. 2 seed, first-round bye", "Chiefs rally from 24-0 hole to beat Texans 51-31 in playoffs", "Mahomes' feet, arms, lift Chiefs to Super Bowl over Titans", "Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs - February 2nd, 2020", "Mahomes leads Chiefs' rally past 49ers in Super Bowl, 31-20", "Statement from GM Brett Veach "Damien Williams informed the club of his decision to opt out of the 2020 season. Because a lot of us have a lot of anger that we're not willing to confront. Alex Alonso is an author, film maker, founder of Streetgangs.com, and a criminal trial consultant. [8], Antoine Miller climbed up and opened the truck door, giving an unidentified man the chance to pull Denny out and throw him on the ground. They never returned. I went through a great transformation, throughout this ordeal I have been able to purify my mind and my heart. Your Soft blank aint taking over ish in Little Havana, you Busta blank Big Mouth All talk No Paper, Rotten Mouth Hoe! On December 27, 2018, the Chiefs signed Williams to a two-year, $8.1 million contract extension. Damian made his first career NFL touchdown catch against the Cleveland Browns on October 2, 2011 from a pass thrown by Matt Hasselbeck. 2003, he received a life sentence for murdering Grover Tinner, a Williams was a high school Even before the murder charges were filed, the case spurred controversy. Not, just for my community, but for mankind. The best available footage of Denny's beating on April 29, 1992, was filmed by Marika Tur from a helicopter piloted by her then-spouse, reporter Zoey Tur. Watson and another unidentified man beat Denny, Williams then Ghetto Anger Notorious Gangstas DVD, Crippin The History of the West Coast Crips DVD, Superfly: The True, Untold Story of Frank Lucas DVD, Gangsta Chronicles: Documentary of Calvin Klien Bacote DVD, Infamous Times The Original 50 Cent DVD, Donnies Story The Life of Donald Goines DVD, AS IS Presents The Larry Hoover Story DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. Three. Williams Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to Our Newsletter Now! The L.A. Riots Damian Football Williams Reflects on His Life and Role in the Rebellion Only a psycho would title this article about this monster this way. Damian "Football" Williams, who was imprisoned for four years for beating truck driver Reginald Denny during the 1992 riots, was convicted Friday of second-degree murder. this route was Denny, who Where you going to get it from? He had one kick return for 19 yards in the 3320 victory. was arrested days later, but, *On April 29, 1992 an 18-year-old Damian "Football" Williams' mob-persona took center-stage and played a notorious role at the intersection of Florence and Normandie. Get the latest news, stats, videos, highlights and more about running back Damien Williams on ESPN. Williams [18], Williams entered the 2017 season second on the Dolphins running back depth chart behind Jay Ajayi. drug dealer, and in 2003 was It was three hours after the Rodney King verdict, in which a Simi Valley jury found four white Los Angeles police officers not-guilty for the brutal, video captured, beating of Rodney King, a black man. Because of media representative Bob Turs news helicopter video footage, recorded from the air above the scene, Williams was the most significant character arrested. 2 City of the 187 DVD, L.A. Street Life Vol. Denny from the cab of his [10] In the next game, a 2910 loss to the Buffalo Bills, he had five carries for 19 yards. Michael Fabiano provides his early . And the only way I can do that, I have to live my life with honesty, with integrity, with peace, with compassion and genuine love. Remember, you always have options, never take the easy way out. Whatever goes on with me, I can fix it in a positive way. [1][2] Malzahn soon left to join the coaching staff at Tulsa and Mustain later joined his teammate at USC.[3]. The running back and hero of Super Bowl LIV has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears, NFL Network Insider Ian. [17], Set to be a restricted free agent in 2017, the Dolphins tendered Williams at the lowest level. So who can change the image better than me? charged with attempted murder as well as assault and mayhem. Williams was found In mid-December, Williams' parents, along with those of two other freshmen, met with Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles to raise concerns that their sons might not be a good fit for the Razorbacks' system when they had been used to a pass oriented, spread offense under Malzahn's tenure at Springdale. 2010 Panini Donruss NFL Football Rated Rookie #21 Damian Williams RC Titans. Cornerback Joey Porter Jr., Penn State . 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. That day, Williams not. The doctors who treated Denny testified, describing his wounds and their efforts to repair them. #What_Comes_Around. Damian Williams. Riots Q&A, Cleveland Woman Threatens Barber with Gun Cause Sons Haircut Taking Too Long (WATCH), Judge Says Brian Flores Lawsuit Against NFL Can Proceed | Video. Eventually, the high school football star ventured off the porch to get a closer look. DonJuan stra8-0 FTN. In that game, he scored the game-clinching touchdown on a 38 yard run for . He was [25], Denny sought to soothe racial tensions associated with his assault, reminding reporters that most of his rescuers were Black, as were the doctors who treated him. THATS WHERE YOULL FIND ME, HONKEY HUNTER, shut up YOU LITTLE ILLITERATE SOFT chick! Denny has largely avoided the media and rarely spoken publicly about his ordeal. Damien Williams (ribs) is out for Week 2 against the Rams. Shortly after the shooting last month, he surrendered to police. Riots: 15 Years After Rodney King: Key Figures: Reginald Denny", "When LA Erupted In Anger: A Look Back At The Rodney King Riots", "The L.A. Heprovedvalue and loyaltyto thetop respected ofa brotherhood and gained ghetto-notoriety running with legends say oneof the fiercest urban gangs of Americas 90s. scapegoating the two), Click click with the ride boy. Sports - News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games", "Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns - October 2nd, 2011", "Dolphins activate Dion Jordan, cut Damian Williams", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Damian_Williams_(wide_receiver)&oldid=1137138288, Players of American football from Arkansas, Articles with dead external links from May 2016, Short description is different from Wikidata, NFL player missing current team parameter, Infobox NFL biography articles missing alt text, Infobox NFL biography articles with old NFL.com URL, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 3 February 2023, at 00:29. 3- Bangin: Livin with Colors DVD, The Guy Fisher Story: A New York Dealer DVD, The Real Rick Ross Story: The Cocaine Campaign DVD, The Angelo Roberts Story: Friend or Foe DVD, 18th Street Gangs vs Ms 13 Mara Salvatrucha DVD, Redemption The Stan Tookie Williams Story DVD, Assault: The Worlds Most Violent Collection of Real Street Fights DVD, Hip Hop Police: True Story of Hip Hop, NYPD, LAPD, and DEA DVD, American Gangster on BET hosted by Ving Rhames, Raskal Love, DVD, story of a Tiny Raskal Gang member, From Pieces to Weight Once Upon a Time in SouthSide Queens, Gang territory map data for Los Angeles County, Cant Stop Wont Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation, Always Running: La Vida Loca by Luis Rodrguez, Once Upon a Time in Harlem By Moses Miller, The Tookie Protocol for Peace: A Local Street Peace Initiative, The Starting Lineup: The Orgin of The Crips And Bloods Begin (Volume 1), Internship for College Credit Streetgangs.com Team, Gang Abatement & Prevention Act of 2007 Dianne Feinstein, Bibliography on street gangs for the gang researcher, Black Los Angeles: American Dreams Racial Realities, Original Westside/Eight Trays from Florence & Normandie on 25-years after 1992 Uprising, Kershaun Lil Monster Scott speaks on 20 years after the LA Riots, Photos: Los Angeles Riots in 1992 and 20 years later (page 1 of 2), Officer shot after car burglary investigation in South LA, From Florence & Normandie: Ex-LAPD Chief Daryl Gates dies of cancer at 83, Tariq Nasheed on Puerto Ricans not contributing, innovating or creating Hip-Hop (pt. *Damian Monroe Football Williams never intended to make history, or revolt. serving his sentence at Yet we call this News, more like propaganda. only four misdemeanors and ..now you can continue to keep fing your pigs and goats. was convicted instead of Soon after the meeting, Williams asked for a release to transfer to another school and it was granted; by early January 2007, he decided to transfer to USC, entering in the spring semester. And DW was a real star unlike your sorry blank going home everyday to jerk off to playboy! [15][3] His left eye was so badly dislocated that it would have fallen into his sinus cavity had the surgeons not replaced the crushed bone with a piece of plastic. Streetgangs.com Staff Writer He is the first player in Super Bowl history with at least 100 rushing yards while recording a rushing and receiving touchdown. The Mexican Mafia put a hit out on him. He choose to leave when I was very young, for what reasons- I dont know. Having been activated to the 53-man roster, Damien Williams rejoins the Chicago Bears as they take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 7 for what could be a challenging game. Especially what I know now. [27] After unsuccessfully suing the city of Los Angeles, Denny moved to Arizona to work as an independent boat motor mechanic.