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(More on that later). He also has two stepdaughters from his marriage to Katherine Klyce, Byrd Schas Chaskes and Meriwether Klyce Schas. . For the case of Jack Wheeler, what Unsolved Mysteries omits as well as what it includes develops a particular narrative for the crime being investigated. ABOUT DIGNITY MEMORIAL ; CONTACT US . After leaving the military he was a senior planner for Amtrak in 1971 and 1972. On June 18, 1948 he married Barbara Sue Deisch in the home of her parents by the Reverend George Halsten. Someone else on reddit theorized that Jack might have suffered from dementia, which led him to talk to people he didn't know, and later found him in the landfill. He was consultant to acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics from 2001 to 2005, special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force from 2005 to 2008. On June 18, 1948, he married Barbara Sue Deisch in the home of her parents by the Reverend George Halsten. Crime Life After Death John Wheeler was found in a Delaware landfill on New Year's Eve. To me, this could be a sign that his lack of medication is causing his manic behavior begin to set in. This was the house that was smoked bombed, and the house where Jack's phone was found. And there have been quite a few clues to ponder. The Unsolved Mysteries episode seems intentionally vague on whether the police considered the kitchen a crime scene. Bush and George W. Bush. Paranoid and wanting to leave Wilmington, Jack asks if he can split the ride and travel as well. I would lean more that he bailed from the moving car, hence the ripped shoe and disheveled appearance. Kylce also suggests in the article that Wheeler believed corrupt government officials in Delaware had allowed this in his mind illegal construction to take place, and she suggests that if Wheeler had been caught attempting arson or hacking, he may have been targeted because of it. Jack's wife attempts to call him but is unable to reach him. Frankly, it's a little ridiculous. Mother Laura Mae MILLER. The reason he had wandered into Wilmington, investigators and journalists suggest in the series, was that Wheeler was having an episode. For example, surveillance footage showed him in Wilmington before he was killed. [6], In 19881989, Wheeler worked with President George H. W. Bush to establish the Earth Conservation Corps. Related: The Bundy Tapes: Most Unsettling Reveals From The Netflix Ted Bundy Doc. (There is a report his shoe is damaged but I can not corroborate it.) Receipts later found in Jack's house show he purchased dark clothing and a hooded ski mask that day, and his wife has actually since stated she believes he was the one attempting to burn it down. He does not attempt to contact his wife via email and notify her of the break-in, or that his phone was stolen. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Jack Cox Wheeler (Fayetteville, Georgia), born in Canton, Georgia, who passed away on January 22, 2020, at the age of 80, leaving to mourn family and friends. While their particular theory, about being tortured by Russian agents, might be a little far-fetched, Jack's Unsolved Mysteries episode did make note of his work which may have made him a target in that regard. A report on NY times reveals that, according to Delaware State examiner's office, Jack's official cause of death was blunt force trauma. Something exacerbated his manic status to the point where he entered a mental episode. Jack got a ride from the New Castle Pharmacy with strangers, which would mean the killer would have had to have been watching him outside the Pharmacy. We may just never know the connection between the arson event and the break-in (if there is a connection). Jack Clinton Hightower It is also claimed that, on December 29, Wheeler asked a pharmacist in New Castle for a ride to Wilmington and "looked upset." The next assassin was also known to Wheeler--that is how they do things, both to avoid suspicion for the attack and for the attacker to earn his bones. Unsolved Mysteries is now streaming on Netflix. I believe it is possible he either did not bring his Bipolar meds to New York when he went there for Christmas Break, or forgot to take them when he was there. Rich people don't do shit like that. Wheeler's death was ruled a homicide, due to the intensive damage dealt to his body, which included a punctured lung, broken ribs and a wound on his head. Jack's body was found in a Delaware landfill one day after his disappearance in December 2010, having last been seen alive on a street in Wilmington. Here is Jack Cox Wheeler's obituary. I believe he intended to set out for the Pharmacy in order to obtain more medication. I believe something happened during his ride to trigger a full blown mental crisis of some sort. She is a writer, editor, and folk musician. At 18:42, Jack shows up in a parking garage in Wilmington. Is it possible the mess in the kitchen was possibly cause by jack freaking out when watching the police search the house for their arson suspect, and knowing they may find his phone? This is not the usual ending for a West Point graduate with an MBA from Harvard and a law degree from Yale. Its unclearthrough the Netflix docuseriesif Wheeler was beat and then climbed into the dumpster to hide, later dying of his wounds, or if he was killed and then put in there. But his widow, Katherine Klyce, told reporters police had given her conflicting information on the cause of his death. Wheeler worked to address their issues by adding The Three Soldiers sculpture by Frederick Hart to the memorial. That old man aint gonna jump outta a moving car, no matter how scared of the occupants he was. One of the last people to see Jack Wheeler alive was Sammy Abdelaziz, who manages parking garages in the city of Wilmington. From questions of his potential enemies through work to allegedly warring neighbors, the focus shifted sporadically until all avenues of suspicion were explored and nothing concrete turned up. The home in question was being built on a slice of private land within Battery Park which Wheeler considered "sacrilege." Wheeler, who has been out of radio for about one year, still thinks. Yet Klyce disputes that version, pointing out that his body was found with expensive jewelry, including his Rolex watch. These rings, depending on the year, can retail for up to $11,000. Adam Clinton Wheeler is on Facebook. I do not believe Jack Wheeler was murdered. I believe he doesn't know where he is going. [4], After graduation from West Point, he was a fire control platoon leader at a MIM-14 Nike-Hercules base at Franklin Lakes, New Jersey from 1966 to 1967. Given his connections to the government, including his work with a company where he was in charge of high level cyber security, he may have been targeted by some other agency. He knows he can't return and grab the phone, because the police have responded, and thus he panics, exacerbating his mania even more. Your jumping out of the car idea fits in pretty well. Distractify is a registered trademark. The pharmacist said Jack was not there for medication. When looking at this perplexing case, it becomes somewhat hard not to become confused, as the case refers to a haphazard string of events that occur in the days prior to his death. (Police later determined that his car was actually in a different parking garage at the train station.) which focused on Wheeler's handling of the Memorial Fund, claiming that most of the $9million raised for the memorial was improperly accounted for. Cheney was enraged. These observations comprise one theory that Wheeler was targeted and assassinated. Inside, he found an overturned dining room chair, broken dishes in the sink, spices and bottles spread over the counter, and Wheelers West Point cadet sword, a prized possession, "on the floor, unsheathed", says the paper. Subsequently, after zeroing in on several dumpsters on the route of the trash truck that dumped the trash in the landfill, they were able to locate Jack's DNA on a dumpster along the route. I believe it is possible the ME or Law Enforcement may have even later realized as they followed Jack's erratic movements that due to Jack's bizarre mental status, they had made a mistake assuming it was a homicide, but facing immense national political pressure and media attention, they chose not to embarrass Jack and his family and keep it a homicide. The injuries Wheeler sustained simply could not have been the result of his being harmed by a trash truck. The cause of death was blunt force trauma.. Because Jack no longer has his phone, police are unable to accurately track his movement after this point. Because his death came so suddenly and because there had likely been some violence involved, many began to speculate on what happened. October 22, 2020 - 15:18 BST Emmy Griffiths. Conjecture but it makes sense to me. His car is parked blocks away in a separate garage. The 66-year-old retired federal military consultant's cause of death was. [9] On December 31, his body was seen by a landfill worker as it fell onto a trash heap in the Cherry Island Landfill. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Its also easy enough to put someone else in. While police have been mum on what Wheeler did in Washington, D.C., on Dec. 28 the day he and Klyce parted ways in New York she said he had lunch at the Metropolitan Club, steps from the. (I don't believe his wallet was actually stolen, I think he added this in to make it sound more believable. Dill then calls police to report the burglary. Jack was murdered over the dispute with the neighbor across the street: There aren't many people who believe this, but I have seen some suggest it. When the body of John Parsons Wheeler III, also known as Jack Wheeler, was found in a landfill in December 2010, there was an onslaught of questions surrounding his death. Jack Wheeler's death was disconcerting for a number of reasons. Sherwood cast aspersions on Wheeler's career, questioning his decision not to go directly to Vietnam out of West Point and noting he had been disciplined shortly after arriving there in 1969 for "misappropriation" of government property. Hagopian furnishes an answer eminently sensible to us. He wasn't reported missing. Investigators interviewed in the Netflix docuseries agree that the death was likely a homicide. [4] In 1984, Wheeler published a memoir, Touched with Fire: The Future of the Vietnam Generation. The wounds would have been new enough to appear to be fresh if you weren't looking for two separate incidents. Discussing Jack's final hours show's co-creator Terry Meurer told The Wrap: "Jack went into the pharmacy and he asked the pharmacist, who he knew, to give him a ride to Wilmington. Some investigators theorized he might have died after seeking refuge in the dumpster, but. From 1972 to 1975 he attended law school at Yale University becoming a clerk for George E. MacKinnon in 197576 and an associate for Shea & Gardner in 19761978. Hagopian reasons that Wheeler threatened to expose the crime, making the classic mistake of so many whistle blowers of showing his hand prematurely. I just don't see it as plausible. (More evidence to me of a psychotic break) He has several strange interactions with workers. Jack had also served as a presidential aide to Ronald Reagan, George H.W. But the more facts. Unsolved Mysteries series leaves out some smaller details regarding Jack Wheeler's death as well. At 20:39, Jack is caught on camera leaving the Nemours building, now wearing a black hooded sweatshirt as opposed to the business clothes he has been wearing the night before. Investigators believe Jack wanted to get to Wilmington in order to retrieve his car, which he left parked at the AMTRAK station when heading to New York with his wife for the holidays. If not a mugging, then perhaps Wheeler was the victim of a random and brutal act of violence. He also threw himself tirelessly into numerous charity works, including time asChairman of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Fund. Law Enforcement at the landfill are later able to determine the trash Jack's body was found it came from Newark(Delaware, not NJ). How Did Jack Wheeler Die? Jack Wheeler's Death Prompts 'Unsolved Mysteries', See Mariska Hargitays Emotional Tribute on IG, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads.